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Ride for Joy, Give for Impact! 🌟 #GivingTuesday

🚴‍♂️💙 Dear Cycling Enthusiasts,

What propels you to hop on your bike? Is it the clarity it brings to your mind, the invigorating sensation in your body, or the sheer efficiency of running daily errands? Regardless of your reasons, one thing unites us all: our love for cycling.

That unparalleled feeling of sun-kissed faces and wind-blown hair as we navigate the open road, the sense of achievement from pedal-powered journeys – these are the things that make cycling special. Whether you're hauling kids, camping gear, or just your own spirit, the joy of a great bike ride is incomparable.

Yet, the only thing better than experiencing #bikejoy yourself is sharing it with others. This #GivingTuesday, I invite you to extend that joy by supporting the incredible work of 2nd Cycle to make cycling more accessible for everyone in South Puget Sound.

Here's a unique opportunity: for today only, an anonymous donor will match up to $1,200 of your contribution, doubling the impact of your support. Your gift doesn't just ride; it races twice the distance, ensuring more individuals can experience the freedom and thrill of cycling.

Your Contribution Matters! Recurring Monthly Gifts Can Multiply Your Impact.

Donation Levels and Impact:

$100: Snack Support for Earn A Bike

Help youth participants in the Earn A Bike program by covering the cost of snacks. Your donation ensures they have the sustenance needed for this transformative experience. In 2024, we aim to extend this program to the wider community, and your support will make a lasting impact.

$250: Pedal 4 the People

Your donation provides a bicycle to our Pedal 4 the People program, offering sustainable transportation to an individual in need. Consider making monthly payments of $21 for a year, spreading your support over 12 months. Every contribution makes a difference.

$1,000: Essential Sustainability Partner

Sponsor our Recycle Reuse Center for an entire week with a monthly donation of $84 per mon

th for 12 months. A generous donor will match up to five donations at this level, doubling your impact. Your support reduces our ecological footprint and makes our community more environmentally friendly.

$4,000: Vital Summer Camp Supporter

Your contribution covers the costs of hosting one week of summer camp, offering children from diverse backgrounds the joy of exploring cycling and learning valuable skills.

$12,400: Pivotal Champion

Your generosity adds one day of Open Shop each week for the whole year, providing free bicycle maintenance and repair services to our community, especially low-income individuals and youth under 18.

No matter how much you give, your gift allows us to focus on what matters: helping people discover the joy of cycling and empowering them with skills and knowledge to maintain their bikes. Thank you for your generosity! 🚲💨

Double Your Impact — Today Only! Click Here to Donate Now


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