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Spring/Summer 2024


is now open

We’d like to highlight our upcoming youth programs:


Summer Camp for ages 6 to 17

Summer Camp is a great opportunity for children and youth to learn to ride bicycles and get comfortable riding in Tacoma. Depending on their skill level, students are divided into groups that focus on either the fundamentals of bike riding or exploration and safe group riding on the city streets.


Earn A Bike for ages 12 to 17

Our cornerstone program, "Earn-A-Bike," isn't just about teaching kids to ride; it's about giving them the skills to build and maintain their own bicycles. Youth participants learn the ins and outs of bike mechanics, so that they can gain confidence and take charge of their transportation, this enables them to explore their city from a different perspective.


Safe Cycle for ages 14 to 17

This program empowers high school-aged youth to identify areas of Tacoma that need safety improvements for cyclists. We believe in giving our youth a voice and the tools to effect positive change in their community.


Check out our recent blogpost about our Rolling Enrollment!

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