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Who we are

Second Cycle was formed in May 2008 by a group of cyclists, bike mechanics, and bike messengers who simply had the desire to see more people on bikes. We started out in a tiny, cramped basement garage where we only had one folding stand, a milk crate of spare parts, and very limited tooling. Over the next several years, we worked diligently, helping people work on their bikes, raising funds, and building our community.

Our vision is a world where the joy of bike riding is accessible to everybody. Our mission is to demystify and normalize bike riding as a part of daily life and realize the bicycle as a tool of personal and community empowerment. We provide equitable access to sustainable transportation to all people. We do this through our recycle reuse efforts, full service bike shop, and a variety of programs for adults and youth.

We take donations of bikes and money to repair used bikes and redistribute them to the community, sometimes free.


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