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Safe Cycle

Embark on a transformative cycling journey with Safe Cycle, our innovative after-school program. Safe Cycle goes beyond teaching essential riding skills. Participants delve into hands-on bike maintenance, relish the camaraderie of group rides, and engage in an advocacy project in collaboration with the Safe Routes to School initiative. This program not only nurtures self-sufficiency in cycling but also lays the groundwork for a statewide education initiative, crafted in partnership with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) through Climate Commitment Act and Cascade Bicycle Club. Join us in creating a community of empowered cyclists, driving positive change on the streets we share.

2nd Cycle and Major Taylor Project_edited.jpg

Program Highlights

  • Riding Skills: Participants will learn essential biking skills for safe and enjoyable rides.

  • Bike Maintenance: Hands-on experience in bike maintenance to foster self-sufficiency.

  • Group Rides: Enjoy the camaraderie of group rides, promoting a social aspect of cycling.

  • Advocacy: Actively advocate for change through collaboration with the Safe Routes to School initiative. 

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