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Job Opportunities 

Organizational Overview: The mission of Second Cycle, a nonprofit organization based in Tacoma, WA, is to demystify and normalize bike riding as a part of daily life while realizing the bicycle as a tool of personal and community empowerment. We do this through our community tool space, through youth bike programs, and by providing an open, supportive, and accessible environment. We work to expand participation in the cycling community and are working toward a world where the joy of riding a bicycle is accessible to everybody. 


Second Cycle was started a little under 13 years ago in a basement garage. We started small and have steadily grown. We have a gritty sensibility and a DIY ethos deeply ingrained in our organizational DNA. We started with just a community tool space in mind and have added a variety of vibrant youth and adult programs. 


We are anchored in the Hilltop community and have been running the shop somewhere in Hilltop for the last 13 years. We have seen a lot of changes in this neighborhood, and we see the changes coming with the light rail and 1500 apartment units to be added in the next three years. That all being said, the organization has been and is on a growth trajectory, and there will be opportunities to grow with it for the right individual. 

Who we are:

  • Collaborative team players  

  • Passionate educators 

  • Bike riders, bike mechanics  

  • Energetic and hard workers who manage time and risk 

  • Self-starters with growth mindsets 

  • Personable and humorous

We are currently looking for a few Shop Mechanics!!




- posted on 4/14/2023 


Overview: The Shop Mechanic (SM) is part bike mechanic, and salesperson. The SM sees to the retail area of the shop primarily. The SM educates people about bike mechanics, advocates for safe riding practices, and sells people the necessary equipment for a fulfilling and safe bike riding experience. The SM strives to empower people by encouraging bike riding as an open and inclusive sport. This is a highly dynamic job and requires a lot of different skill sets. This job requires compassion, understanding, patience, gritty sensibility, and a good attitude. Experience about bike mechanics necessary. 


Essential Job Functions   

  • Work in the shop and retail space 

  • Support, educate, and advocate for all bike riding people that come to Second Cycle 

  • Build bikes for sale

  • Service writing for repairs 


List of duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Keep work areas clean, clear, and well organized

  • Sell bikes, accessories, and parts

  • Operate Point of Sale system - accurately and efficiently

  • Stock new product 

  • Process donations 

  • Educate the public about, bike riding, and safe biking practices 

  • Deliver on the spot minor repairs - i.e. flat repairs, brake, and gear adjustments


Qualifications / qualities / requirements 

  • Thorough knowledge of bike mechanics - vintage and modern 

  • Experienced bike rider - from bike touring, riding across town, racing, everything counts  

  • Understanding of social justice concepts and awareness of privilege 

  • Ability to self organize and complete tasks consistently and accurately 

  • Clear communicator and engaged active listener 

  • Ability to teach in an engaging and challenging manner - or a want to do so 

  • A growth mindset - a want to continuously improve 

  • Customer service experience is a plus 

Starting wage is 18 - 20 and hour DOE and goes up from there.  



How to apply: 

Email your resume & a message explaining why you want to work for Second Cycle to these positions are open until filled.

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