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It’s been over a year since we paused our volunteer program due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited to announce that after some careful planning, we are bringing back volunteer opportunities! 

In order to limit potential COVID exposure we have made some changes to the volunteer structure:

  • Employees and volunteers must complete a daily health survey prior to their shift, including a no-touch forehead temperature check. Volunteers with any symptoms of illness should stay home.

  • Volunteers shifts will be limited to two hours with only one volunteer scheduled during any shift.

  • Volunteer activities will primarily take place in our new warehouse space adjacent to the shop, away from customer interaction. 

The new warehouse was built out over the winter and provides a cavernous space to socially distance volunteers and employees. Many tasks such as parts sorting, stripping bikes, building bikes, and truing wheels can now be done in the new space.

We host volunteers Monday-Saturday, 12-6pm.

If you were already volunteering at 2nd Cycle and would like to get on the schedule, please email and let us know your availability.

If you haven’t yet volunteered at 2nd Cycle, please fill out the volunteer form below. We look forward to seeing volunteers back in the shop!




Overview: The volunteer assistant is there to support and assist the shop mission. This involves helping with the shops daily tasks such as cleaning, sorting donations, stripping bikes for parts, and other projects. This position is good for people that are just starting to get into bikes, folks who want to learn more about bikes, get a hands-on learning experience, or want an outlet to help those in need in their community. Volunteer Assistants will acquire basic bike skills and learn proper tool handling. The position is intended to teach and inspire the community who will, in turn, help 2nd Cycle operate smoothly and efficiently.

ALSO! If you would like to volunteer to PICK UP DONATED BIKES, definitely please let us know - lots of folks have good stuff we don't have time to go get!

Essential Job Functions

  • Assist the 2nd Cycle staff with the shop’s daily tasks

  • Help to keep the used parts bins of the shop well stocked

  • Maintain a clean and organized environment for the community and 2nd Cycle staff to work in

List of duties may include but are not limited to the following

  • Strip bikes for parts

  • Sort donations

  • Clean and organize the shop

  • Fill cleaning and lubrication bottles

  • Take out trash and metal recycling

  • Clean bathrooms

  • Wipe down counters

  • Sort small parts

  • Vacuum and sweep

  • Check and pump up the sale bike tires

  • Organize the bike storage room

  • True wheels for sale

  • Help with special projects (ex: installing storage fixtures, hanging signage, etc.)


Qualifications / qualities / requirements

  • Must be 16 years old to participate

  • Person must be comfortable using hand tools and lifting up to 40lbs

  • (Appreciated but not required) previous experience working on bikes

  • Takes direction well and completes tasks in a timely manner

  • Persons who are invested in or feel aligned with the mission of the shop

  • Availability to attend the volunteer orientation and work a minimum of 3 hrs/month

  • Abide by the safety and regulations of 2nd Cycle and the volunteer handbook



  • Hands-on mechanic advice and training

  • Help grow the Tacoma cycling community

  • Free 2nd Cycle tee shirt (minimum 10hrs volunteering)

  • End of the year volunteer party

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