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An Exciting Announcement from Second Cycle

Dear Friends, Family, and Second Cycle Community,

With tremendous enthusiasm, I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Leon Nettels as the interim Executive director at Second Cycle. Leon, an ardent advocate and avid cyclist, brings a wealth of experience and unwavering support to our noble cause. Having served as both a program manager and board member, Leon's dedication is truly commendable. My heartfelt gratitude extends to Leon, as well as the executive committee and our esteemed board chair, Dan Maize, for their exceptional efforts during this period of transition.

As I reflect upon our modest beginnings in the basement garage of an anarchist punk house on 7th and MLK, the evolution of Second Cycle becomes apparent. Relocating five times, we have established ourselves as a renowned organization with a robust board, generous donors, an outstanding staff, and impactful programs. I take immense pride in our collective achievements and the vibrant community we have built and served.

This marks a significant milestone for Second Cycle, as we embark on our first executive leadership change. It is crucial that our board and community navigate this transition with care, and I have unwavering confidence in the exceptional work being done by all involved. I envision a bright and exhilarating future for Second Cycle and the community it serves.

Despite some scaling back in staffing, program offerings, and activities, I remain confident that our organization stands on the precipice of a new era of growth and expansion.

As for myself, I plan to carve out time for personal reflection on the past 14 years while casting a hopeful gaze towards the future. Naturally, the simple pleasure of riding bicycles will continue to bring me joy. Although I will not be changing my location, I am committed to contributing in small ways, such as creating posters, artwork, stickers, and other creative endeavors that add a touch of magic to Second Cycle.

Noah Struthers

Second Cycle founding member, first Executive Director,

Artist, Illustrator, Bike mechanic, Fundraiser

Laborer, Bike Guy, and Advocate


A Message from the Board: Introducing Leon Nettels

On behalf of the Second Cycle Board of Directors, I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Leon Nettels as Interim Executive Director. Leon brings a ton of experience and passion to the role. He has served on the Second Cycle Board and is an ex-staff member as well. He is a constant participant at events and is well-networked within the Tacoma and Puget Sound cycling community. As the father of two young kids, he understands the transformative power of riding a bike and lives it out with his family every day. And he knows more than just about anyone else about bike polo. Please join me in welcoming Leon to the Second Cycle team.

I’d like to publicly thank Noah for his 14 years of service to the bike riding community of Hilltop and greater Tacoma. Together with a loyal and talented staff, he built and nurtured a brand that is well respected within and outside Tacoma. Noah will be transitioning Leon into his new role over the next month. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. Well done Noah!

The Board of Directors has appointed a search committee to identify and hire a permanent Executive Director. We will recruit and interview a talented and diverse pool of candidates (Leon included) over the next months. If you have any questions or comments regarding our search, please reach out to me at


Dan Maize

Chair, Second Cycle Board of Directors

Leon Biking with his two children and his dog.

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