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Welcome Emily!

On March 1st, Emily became a full-time mechanic and shop purchaser at Second Cycle. You can come say hi to her pretty much anytime the shop’s open, but until then, read this interview!

Who are you? Where did you come from? I'm a native Tacoman who fell in love with cycling about 8 years ago and been riding/fixing bikes ever since. I've had a bunch of other jobs and been to a few other cities, but I always come back to Tacoma and bikes.

What do you do when you're not holding it down at Second Cycle? My favorite thing to do outside of work is play with my new puppy, Brewery who's a miniature schnauzer. Soon to be shop dog so stay tuned! I'm also big on Netflix, reading and just chilling to some lo-fi hip hop.

Tough question: better to commute to work on a bike or a unicorn? First off, I love the world where this is a real dilemma. I'd probably give that unicorn a unicycle and then ride on his shoulders. It's a win for everybody, don't cha think?

What are you looking forward to that's coming up? I'm stoked for a few things actually. First off, for warmer weather to be here. Brrr! There's also the Waste Warriors alley cat ride, the sustainability expo, and my birthday! It's April 16th and I'm toying with the idea of one of those pedal party bikes. So lots to look forward to!

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