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Bike Stories a success

Bike Stories event raised a net total of $12,000!

That is more than we have ever raised before at an event! I think that a big reason why people gave so generously was that we heard some really heart felt stories.

I want to give some special acknowledgment to our youth speakers! They showed a lot of courage getting up in front of everyone, and sharing with us some vulnerable moments.

Maybe so we can relive some of that magic and reconnect to some of the things that we felt, I will recap some of the stories that we heard. For those of you that couldn’t make it maybe this will be a glimpse into what our evening was about.

We heard a story from Levi (shown to the left) about when he was new to Tacoma, without connection to the community, Second Cycle helped him discover a passion for riding bikes that strengthened his new friendships.

We heard a story of how Jess found a safe zone at the bike shop to relax and focus in on small things, and gather a sense of peace, and how Jess found how riding a bike can be so empowering.

We heard a story from Shelbi and how she found a passion that empowered her, explored what she was capable of, and discovered a community that she could care for and nurture. We learned how she empowers other young people every day with her work.

We heard a story from Dashawn and how he got into to racing bikes. We heard about how he grew up in Second Cycle. He gave a recount of building his first bike at Second Cycle and what this place has meant to him.

I got to come up at the end of the night and talk about Second Cycle and where we came from. There is part of that story about an experience I had in the shop about a month ago that I want to share with you;

Dashawn was hanging out at the shop, like he does, and helping out, like he does, when three young boys came into the shop, maybe 9 to 12 year olds. They came from all the way across town on bmx bikes from the EASTSIDE to get to us. About 8 miles. That tremendous feat for a 10 year old.

It was quite the commotion when they were there, getting their bikes fixed. They were excited to say the least. Dashawn and Shelbi helped them. They got some water and snacks too. They were so excited to be there. When they left and the dust settled Dashawn said to me “they were like me when I was their age”, and Dashawn got to pay it forward, and I got to see it full circle.

I look forward to our next Bike Stories event. Thank you to all those that were able to make it to the event and give. To those of you that couldn't make it I hope to see you at next years event. If you were moved to give by any of these stories and feel compelled to please see our donation page, and click on the button below.

With deep gratitude,

Noah Struthers | Executive Director

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