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Spring Earn A Bike - Crushing it!

2nd Cycle offers multiple sessions of Earn A Bike programming each year. These classes empower young people to learn bicycle repair and maintenance skills through a six week course where they are able to build up (and take home) a bike!

These classes are open to youth ages 8-16.

Our classes break down into six sessions, where students meet after school once a week.

Week 1 - Introduction to Basic Bicycle Anatomy / Types of Bicycles / Fix A Flat

During the first week we focus on informing students on the various types of bikes, helping them to reach a decision regarding which type of bicycle would be best suited for their lives. We go over basic anatomy of the bicycle, naming various components in addition to their functions. We finish off class by teaching students how to repair the most common mechanical failure on a bicycle.. Flat tires!

Week 2 - Introduction to Bearing Systems / Hub Overhauls

In the second week of programming we introduce students to the hidden systems within their bicycles that allow them to spin, turn, and roll smoothly.. bearings! Students learn all about the functions of bearing systems within their bicycles, as well as contaminants that threaten the health of these systems. After learning how these systems work students are lead through a demonstration and hands on activity in which they overhaul the bearing systems inside their hubs!

Week 3 - Bearing Systems Continued / Headset Overhauls

This week students revisit all of their previously obtained knowledge regarding bearing systems, and build upon it by learning how to service the bearing system (headset) that allows the bike to steer! In addition to overhauling their headset, students learn about the 2 most common headset systems (threaded / threadless) what sets them apart, how they are similar, and how to tell the difference between the two!

Week 4 - Introduction to Braking Systems / Brake Cable Installation

The fourth week of this class is all about the many different types of braking systems that can be found on bicycles, as well as the different types of cables and housing used on bicycles! Student get an opportunity to completely remove the old brake cables and housing from their bicycles, and install new cables as well as measure/install new housing! They learn all about pad placement, rim VS disc brakes, and what sets each braking system apart !

Week 5 - Introduction to Drivetrain systems / Shifter Cable installation

This week of class focuses on all the systems on the bicycle that turn pedaling into forward motion. Students lear about the anatomy of the drivetrain, as well as the various types of shifters that work with them! They revisit bearing systems by learning about the different types of bottom brackets, and get a chance to overhaul theirs as well as install entirely new shifter cables and housing.

Week 6 - Finishing Touches / Graduation

During the final week of Earn A Bike students are given the opportunity to complete any unfinished work as well as make any additional adjustments to their new bicycle! Students get a helmet, set of lights, lock, and certificate of completion! This is a time for students to test ride their completed projects as well as celebrate all of the hard work they've put in over the last several weeks!

You can learn more / sign up for upcoming Earn A Bike Programming at

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