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Help Kytae Reach the youth bike summit in February!

We are raising funds so that we can bring a student to the youth bike summit with

us in February! We are $800 dollars away from achieving our goal! We are hoping to bring amazing student volunteer Kytae! Kytae is a junior at iDEA (industrial design engineering and arts) high school. This summer he completed his first STP. He volunteers at our shop teaching other youth how to build/maintain theirbicycles, safely navigate the streets, and has shown himself to be an amazing youth leader in our community. He has also helped to organize alleycats for our cities bike month, and last year build a bike for our mayor (and escorted her to work on that bicycle!) Sending Kytae to the Youth Bike summit will allow him to connect with other leaders outside of his immediate community, empowering him to continue to make an impact in the lives of other young people! Anything / everything will help! Please share within your contacts / networks! You can donate here:

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