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You don’t need a fancy bike to bike tour on

Mckenzie and her partner bought bikes from us last fall when they decided to go on bike tour down the Baja Peninsula. A lot of bike tourer spend thousands of dollars on gear, don’t get me wrong I like nice gear as much as the next person, but you don’t have to spend that much to have a good time. They got hybrid 8 spd drive train bikes, 700c x 38mm tires and some used panniers - a real basic setup. They were new to bike touring so they got a lot of useful information from Travis(an experienced bike tourer) that was helpful on their tour.

After arriving in LA in January, they made a 2 month journey all the way to Cabo San Lucas. Mckenzie came back into the shop yesterday. She had repainted her bike and was ready to do some basic maintenance. She replaced her chain and brake pads, along with a few cables that had corroded in the salty sea air - now she is ready for her next tour!

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