Bike camp participants hanging out in front of a mural on a fence in an alley. 6 participants including 1 camp counciler.

urban cycling summer CAMP

see available sessions below

More sessions will be announced in 2022

This camp is a 1-week program that teaches bicycle handling skills and urban riding skills, in addition to exploring the city via bicycle!  Students will get the opportunity to ride as a group to local parks and other recreational destinations! Students can bring their own bikes, we will also have a limited selection of bikes available for use during the program!

Program enrollment is on a sliding scale - pay what you can!

We also have scholarships available!

$75 / student - covers costs of food / materials

$410 / student- covers all costs of programming 

*We are in the process of auditing program rates, enrollment fees may change for future sessions !

Please contact with any questions!





Here is how we are practicing safety during COVID-19:

  • All 2nd Cycle staff are fully vaccinated.

  • All staff / students staff are required to complete a symptoms checklist and temperature check upon arrival    This information  will be kept on record in case symptoms emerge within our group

  • All meals/snacks will be prepackaged. 

  • Touch surfaces within the programming space will be disinfected daily prior to and upon completion of each programming day. 

  • We will convene outside when possible, to allow for social distancing and to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • All students will be provided with face masks and hand sanitizer.

  • Personal items that pose a risk of contamination/spread will be stored in plastic packaging when not in use. 

Enrollment is closed 

enrolment will open in the spring