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How to Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Work Like A New Machine

The performance of your vacuuming sessions may go down after a while, even with the Best vacuum cleaners in the world. This is actually normal when dirt and dust have accumulated in its components and got in the way of the suction. But you don't need to bring it to a repairman to fix this issue. Just follow these simple steps to make your machine work like new.

Unclog your vacuum

The first thing you need to do is check for any clogs in the hoses and remove them. Regularly emptying the cup or bag is also recommended.

Any lint and dirt in your vacuum's bag or cup can get in the way of its performance. The right time to empty the dust bag is when it's 2/3 full. And with the cup, empty it before you vacuum.

Check/replace the filters

Most the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners on the market use removable HEPA filters. There are also models with a ring filtration system. While some are washable filters, others are for single use only.

But whatever the filters on your vacuum are, they all need to be clean to fulfill their role and maintain the best suction, so you need to clean or replace them regularly.

You should already know the type of filters in your model from the specifications or instruction manual. They may even show you the way to replace the filters when needed.

If your filters are washable, remove them and wash them with water and a little dishwashing liquid. Remember to let them dry thoroughly before you put them back in the machine.

When you need to replace a filter, again, our recommendation is to get an official part from the vacuum manufacturer. You can contact them for more details.

Clean/replace the beater brush

The beater brush is the rotating cleaning brush at the bottom of your vacuum. Its job is picking up hair, threads, and lint from your floors. If there is any wrong with it, your vacuum cleaner will malfunction, and your floors don't get cleaned as effectively as normal.

Vacuuming more times won't solve this problem. This is because since hairs and threads get tangled in the beater brush, the bristles become less effective. The wrapped up threads and hair can even stop suction or prevent the brush from rotating altogether.

Flip the machine in order to check it every week. If you find any debris around the beater brush, use sharp scissors or a knife to cut it.

You should also replace this brush once a year, especially when the bristles are at varying heights or have become broken and squished. Always try to use official replacement parts from the manufacturer first. You can use the vacuum model name to find them online.

Once you have the replacement beater brush on hand, the replacement process should be straightforward. Just slide the belt around its slot, put the ends of the brush into the slots on both sides, and finally, replace the brush plate.

Change the height of the brush

Getting the wrong height setting for the type of floor on which you use the vacuum cleaner also reduces its performance and can even damage your floor.

Models from the best vacuum brands often have a height adjustment feature.

On low-pile carpets and bare floors, set it to the lowest height to make sure your floor is properly cleaned. On the other hand, use the highest setting to clean your shag rugs.

Cleaning with low brush roll setting on rugs or medium and high-pile carpets will wear out the beater brush unnecessarily. On the other hand, with a high setting, the vacuum won't do any good on hardwood floors since the bristles won't get close and make contact with the surface to clean it.

Final words

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