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Analysis of “Living like Weasels”

Metaphors and similes are the main stylistic devices utilized by Annie Dillard in the narrative, for example in the second paragraph where she states that the weasel is “like a stubborn label”, and “like blood pulsed into my guts”. She utilizes the conceit of elaborated metaphor through the implication of imagery. Annie utilizes her words, indicating that there is an association between the mind and the soul. In the entire essay, imagery is utilized to create a feeling of love instead of pain and suffering. In this, a theme of liberation develops bringing meaning to the reader and contributes to the continuity of the story. Based on the integration of influences and diverse personal appearances, there is the infirmity of an established identity Annie implicates metaphors to illustrate the fearlessness of the weasel when she depicts that “was the whole weasel still attached to his feathered throat, a fur pendant?” The weasel is determined to survive according to Annie Dillard. Another metaphor evident in the narratives states, “Our eyes were interlocked, and someone threw away the key” (pg. 149). The use of imagery is also evident through the similes and metaphors illustrated; the author indicates that, “Brains are private places, muttering through unique and secret tapes” (pg. 150). According to studydaddy service this aims at captivating the reader’s attention to have a closer thought about the state; she also adds that “like blood pulsed into my gut through the jugular vein”

Annie utilizes the structure to illustrate the positivity of her arguments. The essay is portrayed in a manner that aids in the perception of nature. She starts by portraying her familiarity with nature and allows the reader to have a clears picture of the weasels. She describes her encounter with the weasels and argues about the difference in choice and instinct. Annie describes the Hollins pond as the initial place he had seen the weasel. She portrays to her readers the real description of her outlook, through the depiction of its appearance and even the reader who has never had a glance of it initially gets a clue on how it looks. Her systematic description of the road used to the Hollins pond captivates the attention of the reader, creating a mental outlook that engages a reader to the scenery of the place. This aids the reader to visualize and get familiar with the authors style.

Imagery enables the readers to have a clear perception of the scenery and it is easy for the reader to remember the acts of a certain scene. Annie portrays how they both stared at each other with the weasel; she describes the eyes of the weasel and excites the reader drawing them to the events that occur. Annie initiates visual understandings to the reader allowing them to understand clearly the type of styles used in literature. She uses imagery to draw comparison among various aspects. The devices utilized in this style include similes and metaphors.

Annie uses metaphors while describing weasels, she terms them as “as thin as a curve”, with their face “pointed like a lizards” and their color “brown as fruitwood”. She also describes how their eyes were attached and the keys thrown away, a factor that depicts the use of metaphor. This enables the reader to have a clear imagination and sense that creates the real depiction of the characters. The use of imagery portrays the typical illustration of the mental picture. It also aids in the functionality since individuals have the ability of remembering the images described in the narrative. It also acts as a linkage in the midst of individual discernment and abstract cognition.

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