due to high demand, the wait time to receive a bicycle is 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience and grace.

The adult bike giveaway program aims to increase access to bicycles in Tacoma/Pierce County.  Program participants will receive a free bicycle, helmet, lock, lights, and fix-a-flat kit.

This program will be first come first serve, or greatest need demonstrated.

Upon being awarded the bicycle, participants will be required to participate in a hands-on 30-minute class with a focus on learning how to patch an inner tube, fit a helmet, and perform a basic pre-ride safety check on their bicycle.

Eligible adults will need to currently reside in Pierce County; however, they will not be required to provide proof of residency as we would like to lower barriers to folks without housing. Eligibility will also be awarded based on self-declared income.

For more info please contact programs@2ndcycle.org